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All 54 Pedestals are Installed

Thank you AHCMA Board Members and volunteers for all your help transporting and installing the new pedestals!



The old pedestals had served their purpose for many years however would not be upgradable to new GFCI standards


New Pedestals

GFCI 30 amp and 20 amp duplex receptacles and future site water


Fall of 2020 our new pedestals arrived and the installation began.

Don Zwiesler has offered to begin installation of the new pedestals and is requesting the assistance of volunteers.

The project will last thru this fall and resume as soon as the weather permits in the spring.  

Please consider helping whenever it is possible so that all slips have safe GFCI electrical service.  

The pedestals include new hose bibs.  We will be replacing our leaking waterlines at the time of installing the pedestals.
Please contact Don Zwiesler if you can assist with the project.

810 334 6107

Area Lighting

The parking area lighting has has been updated with LED.  These lights are illuminating a larger area and with less electrical costs.  The project was completed in the spring of 2021

ESD Signs


Four signs have been posted around the Marina.  It is a reminder to us that there is an unseen potential for injury.

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