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This page will go away after the site is completed

  • Provide marina information to stimulate interest and sell vacant boat slips

  • Create a list of boat slips for sale or lease and contact information for each that the owner can manage. *** The boat slips will be located on a chart showing the location and sizes.

  • private list of co-owners

  • Local information

  • Location of the marina

  • Calendar for events and marina activities

  • Contact information for marina board and dock installation crew

  • List for marina projects with dates and the ability to sign up on line

  • Newsletters 

  • Links to local services and information

  • Future ability to notify co-owners of dues, assessments and boat slip actions needed

  • If possible to collect, record and provide receipts for submission of fees

  • Provide site stats to discover the level of interest and validate its existence

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